Hopefully no further delays were caused with this photo opportunity

The Sofa Web and Design are a design agency that provide a multitude of creative services including WordPress design in the Sheffield area as well as the Doncaster area. We also provide website design and graphic design services to a wide range of local, regional and national customers. The element that we think makes us different is our sofa. We have a fifteen year history of being creative with our sofa. Yes, it is still the same one, and no we don’t photoshop. Here’s our story.

If there’s one thing that’s guaranteed whenever we take the sofa out and about, it’s the amount of inquisitive looks we get from the general public and occasionally, the authorities. We had originally planned to take this sofa shot of one of our customers on one of the platforms at Doncaster train station. We got politely invited to leave however, by the platform manager.

Not to be deterred, we had to settle for our sofa shot in the car park, outside of the train station itself. We hope we didn’t cause anyone to miss their train as we attracted quite a lot of attention as we set the sofa down for the shot. Luckily, the platform manager seemed far more relaxed about this location than the previous one and the photo shoot was carried out without further incident.

wordpress design in the Sheffield area

We had been working with the company in question for a number of months on delivering a suite of new logo designs, as well as a brand new website and marketing materials. These included brochure design, corporate folder design, leaflet design and stationery design. We are pleased that our customers are more than happy to share our sofa adventures. We think this shows we have a very comfortable relationship with our customers.

We have always been about the relationship aspect of business. For over a decade our famous sofa has toured the country, turning up in all kinds of peculiar places, not least outside Arkwright’s newsagents in ‘Still Open All Hours’. The sofa is a symbol of ‘let’s sit down and talk about your business’. This approach, along with our creative and passionate approach to producing your Branding & Graphic Design, Web Design & Development and Digital, Content & Social Media Marketing, have enabled us to build up a reputation we are proud of.

So if you are after WordPress design in the Sheffield area, get in touch on 01302 315030 or email martin@thesofawebanddesign.co.uk

We look forward to having the opportunity to work with you sometime soon! Come and sit on the Sofa