Your Website… The Ultimate Selling Tool

A good website and website strategy, both in how it looks and how it functions can be an integral part of generating revenue for your business. Making the right choices in terms of ‘knowing your business’ and how your website is designed and built to maximise that knowledge is very important.

Website Strategy

In order to get the most return out of your website investment, you need to understand where your business currently comes from to gauge how much attention you pay to your website strategy. You will need to have a good understanding of your current client demographic and how you are winning work at the moment.

From knowing this, you can gauge what is working, what isn’t working, and develop areas to potentially target through your website strategy to increase revenue and client retention. By knowing this, your website can be designed and developed to maximise these opportunities and over time be a receptive hub for such activity like digital marketing, content marketing and social media marketing.

Can People hear you?

Can your customers hear you? Maybe on the phone, maybe in a meeting or a networking event. What about out of earshot? That is where the majority of your potential new customers will be. How do you make this potential revenue stream hear what you have to say…?

Content Marketing… that’s how!

What do we mean by Content Marketing? We mean blog posts that solve issues for your customers, blog posts that give away valuable content. We mean videos. Videos that provide valuable tips for your customers. Videos that guide or show your customer base how to do certain tasks. Videos that your customers can tell potential customers how great you are at what you do.

What else? Well, there’s podcasts to spread your valuable content, how to do lists, quizzes and surveys. All these platforms can be used to add value through content for your client base. If you are always vocal through the content that you put out, customers will hear you, customers will trust you and customers will buy from you.

content marketing website ad for blog

Can People See You?

Visibility, what is it in terms of your Website strategy? It’s about being visible to existing customers to reinforce your offers, old and new. It’s about being visible to potential new customers so they can become the existing customers of the future. The biggest ‘visible’ area in today’s marketing arena is online. Be it marketing digitally to your customers or marketing socially, the global reach of the web is enormous. With this potential reach, you need to be seen.

The holy grail of being ‘seen’ by potential new customers traditionally is to occupy one of the first five places on search engines. SEO strategy, keyword research and pay per click will get you there, engaging valuable content will keep you there.

Having a website that provides no bottle necks in achieving this is critical to your Website strategy. WordPress is the best platform to get rid of all bottlenecks. From SEO to running digital marketing campaigns, getting your choice of platform right will increase revenue for you business, and that’s what it’s all about, right!

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