Looking for opportunities for website design in the Mansfield area, Cowens group are a new customer for The Sofa Web and Design. This acquisition was made when Cowens inherited part of the business of an existing customer. Initially The Sofa Web and Design continued to manage the website of the inherited business, but we were soon approached to work on the Cowens group website. They wanted to streamline the websites that they currently had into just one website. So, The Sofa Web and Design had to work with Cowens to absorb the content of 6 websites into just 1 website.

“Paul from The Sofa Web and Design has turned our “ok” website into something for us to shout about. Our monthly support plan takes all the stress and hassle of maintenance so we can concentrate on marketing the business. Highly recommended.”

Julie Millott – Assistant Marketing Manager, Cowens Group

Before that though we had to design and develop the framework of the new website to be able to accomodate what would be a lot of content. The website involved bespoke form building, content uploads and a significant amount of work. Once the site was live The Sofa Web and Design now manage the monthly security and content updates of the website so that the staff at Cowens can get on with their everyday business without worrying about the website. You can find out more about by reading our case study here.

We made the short journey to Mansfield in order to get a shot of the Cowens team on the The Sofa. A fresh January morning didn’t deter us walking the 800 yards to the local park in order to get a scenic shot. The local boules player didn’t quite know what to make of it thought. We hope we didn’t put them off.

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Cowens Group offer a wide range of financial services across many different sectors. These sectors include:

Start-Ups and New Business

Environmental, Green & Green Technology

Motor Trade




Professional Services

Property Owners

Distribution, Warehouse and Retail

Leisure Industry

Food and Drink

To find out more about how The Cowens Group can help with your financial needs, get in touch with them here

If you are looking for website design in the Mansfield area, then get in touch with The Sofa Web and Design Ltd. Come and have a seat on The Sofa. Simply call 01302 315030 or email martin@thesofawebanddesign.co.uk