• website design in the Sheffield area

    Surprise View

    Precariously balanced on the edge, the story of the sofa begins. Hauling the sofa on to the edge of surprise view in the Peak District in a Spring gale wasn’t […]

  • 2005


    Getting Silverstone racetrack closed down for a photoshoot is no mean feat. But the sofa managed to do it. Sponsoring a BMW series driver gave us the opportunity to get […]

  • 2006 a

    Spring Fayre

    When one of our customers organised a local community Spring Fayre, the sofa just had to go along to join in the fun.

  • brand design in the Sheffield area

    Down by the Riverside

    How many customers can you get on the sofa. We thought we’d give it a go down by the riverside in Sheffield. Yes, the sofa is under there somewhere.

  • 2007b

    Outside the Railway Station

    Despite the commuters coming in and out of Doncaster railway station, none of them seemed overly concerned about the appearance of one of our customers sat on the sofa enjoying […]

  • 2007a

    Getting Ready for Christmas

    Not sure how enthusiastic we were for this photoshoot to advertise our annual Christmas party. Enigmatic at best, at least the sofa was comfy.

  • 2008aa

    Down at the Skate Park

    We had to make sure it was a quiet day down at the skate park before persuading one of our customers to take to the Sofa

  • 2008b

    Summer Frolics

    There has always been time for a bit of fun and games when it comes to the sofa. Not quite sure why the jeans are rolled up though.

  • 2009a

    Sheffield Showcase

    Being part of designing all the visuals for the Sheffield showcase gave the sofa to some opportunistic photo shoots with local artists and creatives

  • 2009b

    Hallam FM Interview on the Sofa

    As part of the Sheffield Showcase event the sofa was even used as a makeshift interview studio for Hallam FM.

  • 2010aa

    A Day On The Farm

    We were glad that the cows behaved themselves. Thanks goodness that there were no bulls in the field. At least there were no red shirts.

  • 2010b

    There’s a Predator in the Woods

    Getting a hostile, shape shifting, gun toting alien to sit on the sofa must go down as one of our biggest achievements. Mind you, we had to endure a hail […]

  • Brand Design 1

    Colouring the Sofa

    A freezing cold January afternoon is not the ideal time of the year to be sat on the sofa and have 3 buckets of paint thrown over you. But, we’d […]

  • 2011b

    Getting licked by a Giant Red Tongue

    OK, it wasn’t really, but we really like this action shot of the bowl of red paint about to find its mark. The sofa needed a good wash after this.

  • 2012a

    Yorkshire Air Ambulance

    An opportunistic meeting in Weston Park saw us taking it easy on the sofa in front of the Yorkshire Air Ambulance. We couldn’t persuade him to take us for a […]

  • 2012b

    Lazing by the River

    Sometimes it’s just nice to be down by the river, relaxing next to the waterside. Even better if you have a comfy sofa with you. Don’t bother with the deckchairs.

  • 2013a

    Afternoon Tea in the Park

    Nothing like that British tradition of high tea. So why not have it outside on the sofa. Ok, it does look a little chilly.

  • 2013b

    Fun in the Snow

    An unexpected connection issue in the office gave us the opportunity to introduce the sofa to a snowy landscape. It didn’t take long for the fun to start.

  • 2014a

    Team Time Trial

    One of our passions at the sofa is cycling, whether it’s competitive racing or just a ride around the block. We created a cycle team to fuel this passion.

  • 2014b 1

    Tour De France

    An opportunity not to be missed was when the Tour de France started the race in Yorkshire. A bit of inside knowledge on team Belkin’s training ride, resulted in this […]

  • 2015a

    Only Fools and Sofa’s

    We must have caused quite a stir at the location of the Open all Hours shoot as the set designer for Only Fools and Horses insisted on a photo on […]

  • brand design 3

    Open All Hours

    A break in filming on the location set of Open all Hours was the opportunity we needed to get the sofa in front of one the most famous convenience stores […]

  • 2016a

    The Sofa in the Cage

    When a cage fighting show came to town, we thought it would be a good opportunity to take the sofa down for a piece of the action.

  • 2016b

    A Wedding on the Sofa

    It won’t happen often, if fact, it hasn’t happened since. But the sofa does have a wedding under it’s belt. An open air ceremony in Weston Park found the perfect […]

  • brand design 2

    Tour de Yorkshire

    We don’t like to miss an opportunity when it comes to cycling, and giving the sofa an airing of course. Not sure on the size of the bike though.

  • 2017b

    Relaxing in the Playground

    A lot of our customers are associated with community based projects, so we took the opportunity to take the sofa to join in the fun for the afternoon.

  • 2008a

    What’s Happened to the Sofa

    Needing to attract attention at a business showcase at Doncaster racecourse, we hired a reknowned balloon sculptor to re-create a life size sofa made entirely out balloons. Inviting customers to […]

  • 2010a

    A Day by the Seaside

    We do like to get out and about when it comes to the sofa. A day by the seaside in Blackpool went down a treat especially when we could bring […]

  • 2018a

    Stuck in the Spiders Web

    Looking for new and novel ways to change our working environment is always in our thoughts. Not sure if the spiders web climbing frame will catch on though.

  • 2018b

    Are we too old for this?

    No, we don’t think so. It was rather amusing watching Paul negotiate the spiders web to try and get to his seat on the sofa. He made it in the […]

  • brand recognition

    A Day Out in Mansfield

    Visiting one of our new customers we took the opportunity to visit a local park. We are not sure what the local boules players made of it all.



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