In the current economic climate a lot of people will be starting a new business journey and setting up their own companies.

Business start up websites will be a key component in any new companies marketing drive. An ever increasing reliance on digitial technologies has been highlighted during the current global situation and a lot of people and companies are realising this and making the jump to putting their businesses online. Being in charge and responsible for their own destinies is becoming a real attractive proposition for a lot of people who have either lost their employment or recognise the increasing trend of digital dominance in the business world.

Online prescence will be a key aspect to any new business setting off on their journey in 2021. But also a high importance will be affordablility. That is where the Sofa Web and Design business start up websites come into the reckoning. We developed these website packages based on customer feedback. We were finding that new businesses that have been trading for less than 2 years had to keep a closer eye on the cashflow than more established companies and they were asking us if there was any way we could help with that.

The answer was Yes

What if we could spread the cost of the website over a longer term, low cost basis, to ease the cashflow in those important early years. We also thought that a little help with VAT wouldn’t go amiss either. So, we decided to create a new business that would accommodate businesses not registered for VAT. We also decided that we would bundle in some key services to the new business websites package as well. So, not only do you get a creative, fully responsive, mobile friendly website, but we also look after all your theme and security updates. This keeps your website safe from hackers, who are active on a daily basis. You will also get your website hosting as part of the package as well as any minor website fixes that are needed from time to time.

Basically, we look after the basics

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So, how much is it per month?

Our new business websites are designed to help with easing the cash flow when you need it the most, at the start of your journey. So after an initial cost of £495 to get everything up and running, the website will cost you £35 per month over a minimum period of 24 months. Click here for more info.

OK, so what do I get for that?

Well, you get all this.

[1] 1 Hour Marketing Consultation

We need to identify the markets your website needs to target. We’ll discuss how to set up your website to reach them.

[2] Website Design & Development

We’ll design and build your fully responsive WordPress website, bespokely to your requirements.

[3] Mobile Responsive Website

Imperative to user experience and performing well in search engines, is a mobile version of your website.

[4] Website and Email Hosting

Fast and secure web hosting with 2GB per month bandwidth, 500MG disk space and 5 email boxes

[5] Website Security Updates

Keeping your website secure has never been more important. We take care of that for you.

[6] Website Speed Optimisation

You only get a few seconds to impress before a visitor leaves. We ensure you are running as fast as possible.

If you want to take advantage of our new business websites, please get in touch on 01302 315030, or email us at