Five ways to build a brand identity for your small business

Branding is just as important for small businesses as it is for big names. Many small business owners already understand that to build a brand identity for your small business is an essential component in business without really knowing why.
Small companies recognise the link between successful businesses and strong branding. They understand that branding is not just a logo or how their business is perceived externally. But they may not know that living and breathing the brand and having it run through the very heart of all their business activity is the true measure of building your brand.

Your brand has to be an honest, workable representation of your character, as well as your personal and working principles. Customers of modern businesses today are in tune with people and companies who are genuine in the way they present themselves and their businesses to you, and ultimately they will work with you because of that… That is your brand.

When a brand is genuine, customers connect emotively, this is because they recognise the same values and beliefs of your brand, so it leads to higher sales, client loyalty and they become advocates of your company and brand and will spread the word. This is a really powerful sales tool.
Over the weeks and months Sugarcane will be offering more tips, techniques and general words of wisdom around how to build your brand.
In the meantime, here are 5 tips on how to successfully build a brand identity.

brand identity for your small business

1.   Create your Brand Character

Every one of us is an individual whose character is made up of beliefs, values and purposes that define who we are and who we connect with. This determines what we say, how we act and ultimately how we conduct our business. Your character needs to be implanted into your business as this will ensure that everything you do will be a genuine natural response or action based on those principles.

2.   Be innovative

Being creative and innovative when building a brand identity will maintain a high level of interest for your company and your clients alike. Creating talking points, showing your character and having a bit of fun with your brand is always good for business.

3.   Always think brand when communicating with customers

It’s always important to stick to your brand principles even when it’s tempting to cut corners when things get difficult. Rather than offering discounts to potential or existing customers, try to offer more added value in terms of time spent or over delivery rather than cutting costs.

4.   Build long-term relationships with your customers

By adhering to your brand principles when you get them right, you should achieve the cornerstone of any successful business. That is maintaining and building long term relationships with your customers. A brand built on your personal character will attract like minded customers who really value those principles. These are your long term customer relationships.

5.   A consistent tone of voice

Consistency is everything when it comes to building a brand identity. Once you’ve established your brand DNA, that tone of voice needs to be consistently applied across all media. From how you talk to your customers to what content you put on your website and marketing materials. It all comes from your brand.

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