I haven’t got the time to update my website… but I know it’s important.

Is this a dilemma that you find yourself in when considering website updates? If it is, you won’t be alone. A lot of companies and individuals set out with the best intentions when it comes to blog writing for your website. But in reality, when the rigours of the day begin, these intentions seem to slowly slip down the priority ladder.

There could be many reasons for this:

Perceived Importance

The importance of putting new news, images or blogs on your website can, in the cold light of day, be seen as less important than say, closing a sale, getting that order out etc. But, the important tasks of tomorrow may dry up, if attention to your website updates are not done today. Which leads us on to…

No immediate results

Updating your website is a strategy that can give you short, medium and long term results when looking for new business. But there is a general sway of opinion that it doesn’t offer an instant return on investment. It may work in a few weeks, months or even years. Consider this though… in a few weeks, that day that was two weeks ago is today. You are creating future immediacy by updating your website today.

I genuinely don’t have the time or staff to do it

The big one. Although I personally believe the time can be found for such a critical activity for your business. The time aspect can be an issue, as can not having the resource to implement it. We can help here… but more about that later.

So, what are the benefits of Website Updates?

There are many benefits and all of them ultimately achieve the same objective of generating sales and winning customers.


Your customers love relevance, Google loves relevance, we all love relevance. If you are adding content to your website that is relevant to your customer base, it is achieving a few things. You are educating your customer base by giving them information that is relevant to their business. You are giving them information that is useful. Information they can use. You earn their trust.


Which leads to this. Becoming an authority in your field of work means your customers trust what you say and therefore trust what you do. Keeping the flow of relevant, beneficial content through your website means you become a trusted authority when the time comes to buy. You are constantly in the minds of your customers, existing or potentially new ones.

SEO Benefits

By updating and adding relevant content to your website, you are also increasing your search engine ranking. Google loves fresh relevant content. The only way to do this is by updating your website’s content.

Inevitably… more business

You can see the importance and business benefits that blog writing for your website can bring. All this activity, if done regularly will bring the inevitable results of attracting new business and new customers for your business.

Are you now convinced?

You should be… if you are convinced, but still struggling with the time aspects, or perhaps thinking what updates and relevant, beneficial content can I give my customers. Fear not…

We can help. We can do it for you. It’s what we do.

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We look after the blog writing for a lot of our customers, which in turn helps them grow their business. You can find out more about content writing for your website by visiting pur website here, calling us on 01302 315030 or emailing us at martin@thesofawebanddesign.co.uk